LIVESTREAMED Stanley Jordan Clinic at DV Mark HQ!

In a career that took flight in 1985 with commercial and critical acclaim, guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has consistently displayed a chameleonic musical persona of openness, imagination, versatility and maverick daring. Jordan's touch technique allows the guitarist to play melody and chords simultaneously with an unprecedented level of independence. It also allows Jordan to play simultaneously on two different guitars, or even on guitar and piano. Los Angeles Times jazz critic Leonard Feather wrote, “Genius is a word often tossed around in musical circles, but it has been rightfully applied to Stanley Jordan.” Don't miss Stanley's clinick at Markworld HQ. It will be live streamed from the DV Mark Facebook page (here) on Wednesday April 4 at 3:0 am. For those of us who are not night owls, video of the clinic will be available shortly after that time.



LIVESTREAMED Corrado Rustici Clinic at DV Mark HQ!

World renowned musician and producer, Corrado Rustici, has worked with huge names in music like Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Al Jarreau, and many other artists. He brought his endless experience as a musician and studio engineer to his last solo release, Aham, in which every sound is produced by a guitar, thanks to his skills and of course the power of his Multiamp! If you have a passion for guitar and musc production, make sure you catch Corrado's clinic. It will be live streamed from the DV Mark Facebook page (here) on Thursday June 1 at 2:30 am. For those of us who are not night owls, video of the clinic will be available shortly after that time.

LIVESTREAMED Michael Angelo Batio Clinic at DV Mark HQ!
If you're a fan of shredding, Michael Angelo Batio, double guitar hero action, the DV Mark Multiamp, or even if you simply can't sleep after a great Friday night out - don't miss Michael's workshop being streamed live from the DV Mark Facebook page (here) on Saturday May 27 at 2:30am. If you miss it, the video will be available any time after the workshop. SHRED ON!

Megadeath's Kiko Loureiro

Tracking the Multiamp in his home studio

In this Facebook live video, Kiko gives us an informal walkthrough of his tracking approach for a work in progress in his home studio.
Like what you hear? Try a Multiamp at a dealer near you. Click here to find one!
Guitar Bros Demo the Multiamp and Pedalboard
Joss Allen of Guitar Bros takes us through some of his personal Multiamp patches, and explains why he feels the Multiamp is the best modelling amp available. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Like this demo? Try a Multiamp yourself at your nearest DV Mark dealer - here

Mark Sfogli Multiamp Presets Available Now

If you missed Mark's March Masterclass at Markworld HQ recently, you can catch up on Facebook here. If you caught it live, you'll remember he pulled some brilliant tones from his Ibanez and Multiamp combination. Now, Mark has made those tones available for free download here. If you like what you're hearing, visit a DV Mark dealer near you to try a Multiamp today. Click here to find a dealer.


Eric Gale Unveils Signature 'Raw Dawg' DV Mark Head

at NAMM '17

Blues-Rock legend Eric Gales and DV Mark design genius Marco Di Virgiliis have put their heads together to create Eric's 'Raw Dawg' signature 100w tube head  - that is set to suprise a lot of players!  Click here to read Greg Philip's interview with Eric in Australian Musician. Click here to   find a  DV Mark dealer near you!



DV Mark's Kiko Laureiro and Megadeth

Win 2017 Grammy Award for

Best Metal performance!

Click on the video to see Kiko discuss his career and his use of the DV Mark Multiamp modelling amplifier. Find a DV Mark dealer near you by clicking here.

DV Little 250 M Sneak Preview
Gianluca Ferro plays his song Defying Gravity, from the album A Hole in the Ocean, using his DV Mark DV Little 250 M head
Like what you hear? Talk to your nearest DV Mark dealer here!
Wondering what Marco and the Mark team have been preparing to present at NAMM 2017 this year? Check out this video for the inside scoop on some of the DV Mark and Markbass products you can expect to see later this year!


We're proud to announce the release of our new Multiamp firmware - update 5.1!
This new firmware includes some important key features that represent another step ahead for this state of the art All-In-One amp by DV Mark:

  • New Amp Model - The AC101 Acoustic Amp
  • Global Graphic Equalizer - A 7 band graphic EQ that sits above program level to help compensate for different room or speaker responses
  • Udpated Tuner Interface - The tuner is now easier to access from the front panel
  • Tuner Calibration - The tuner can now be centred around any frequency from 430Hz to 450Hz

This new Multiamp 5.1 Firmware Update is another step in our constant R&D process on this amazing product, offering guitar players the new features and improvements that they really need. While releasing this new update, we're already working hard on more Multiamp ideas, so stay tuned and keep rocking!!! 

Click here to try the Multiamp at a dealer near you



Michael Angelo Batio -

2X Again w/DV Mark Multiamp

Michael Angelo Batio talks about his DV Mark Multiamp and explains the reasons why he picked it between hundreds of amps available on the market.
Click here to try the MULTIAMP at your nearest dealer

We’re proud to announce guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan joined the DV Mark family! 

We’ve been so glad to receive his visit at the Head Quarter in Pescara, Italy, where he had the chance to properly test all our new amazing products such as the DV Micro 50 and a Little 250 M prototype. 

He really went crazy playing them into our ultra light and super sounding DV Neoclassic Cabinets, so we’re both very proud to start this collaboration.

Stanley Jordan unique style will be supported by DV Mark products features and this is gonna be a really smashing blend!

Check out Stanley Jordan’s website to get info about his activities and live gigs in order not to miss his performances in your area!

Nino Laurenne Plays Multiamp
In this video Finnish artist Nino Laurenne from the band Thunderstone plays his DV Mark Multiamp FG and shows how he gets the tones he needs for all his guitar parts. The Multiamp FG is identical to the stereo Multiamp, but with additional presets designed by Frank Gambale.
Click here to try the MULTIAMP at your nearest dealer



From My Mind To Your Stage

This video presents an insight into the processes that take place between the conception of the idea for a Mark World product and that product's eventual delivery into the hands of the musician for whom it was designed. Well worth watching.

You can check out Markbass products at dealers local to you here, and DV Mark products at your local dealers here.


Ciro Manna Spotlights DV Mark's Little 40

On New XY Album

Accomplished Italian guitarist Ciro Manna has just released his new album - XY - featuring support from notable artists such as Leland Sklar, Simon Philips, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert. The album also features some stunning performances from DV Mark's new amp range! You can buy the album, download tabs, backing tracks and more from Jamtracks Central - here
Like what you hear? Try DV Mark's latest at your nearest dealer - you can find them here.


at Whisky a Go Go  - August 22, 2015

DV Mark's MULTIAMP is the simple, all-in-one solution for guitarists both live and in the studio. The latest update includes more amps, more effects and an even more intuitive user interface. Check the MULTIAMP out at a dealer near you by clicking here. You can also check out the MULTIAMP's dedicated web page here!

DV MARK Launches Dedicated MULTIAMP Website

The dedicated MULTIAMP website has now gone live. It features TUTORIAL, MEDIA, UDATE and SUPPORT sections, as well as a MULTIAMP Community section where users can download free custom presets from Artists like Corrado Rustici, Dean Brown, Pierre Cotè, Marco Sfogli, Ciro Manna and many more. Users can also become Multiamp Ambassadors themselves by joining the community and sharing their presets, videos and opinions. New sounds are being added to the site regularly. Click on the image above to visit the MULTIAMP site, or click here to find a DV Mark dealer near you.


DV Mark Maragold Walkthrough with Greg Howe

Greg Howe discusses and demonstrates the features of his signature DV Mark head - the Maragold, (named after his band). Greg was intimately involved in the development of this amp at all stages, and it shows. He explains the background to the various features on the amp, including, for example, why he designed a gain section into the Maragold's clean channel. Great to hear this not from a salesman, but from someone invested in both designing and playing the amp.

Like what you hear? Catch up with your nearest DV Mark dealer here and hit them up for a demo!


Announced at Frankfurt Music Messe in April 2015 - look for these later this year!
Micro 50  - 50 watts, two channels, scorching tone and fits in the palm of your hand
Frank Gambale's Multiamp FG - A Multiamp, but also with Frank's favourite Amplitude tones!
  Frank's new Combo - complete with striking Italian leather finish!
DV Mark's Silver Gen range - Click on the image to check out our DV Mark Australia page for more!


Greg Howe Damian Schmitt and Hadrien Feraud at Frankfurt's Music Messe 2015


The Mark World booth was packed all week thanks to non-stop performances by some of the world's most respected musicians. To the right Greg Howe, Damian Schmitt and Hadrien Feraud let loose on gear from DV Mark, Mark Drum and Mark Bass.



Check out the Markbass Australia and DV Mark Australia Facebook pages for more pics from the show.

Try DV Mark for yourself at a dealer near you. Just click here




Greg Howe Soloing his Maragold at Music Messe 2015


 Through a quirk of the Messe demo setup, we have a minute or so of Greg Howe soloing with his Maragold rig with virtually no other backing instruments (drums were through headphones) Check out Greg's sound - albeit via iPhone - fairly exposed! 

You can check out DV Mark's latest Amps - including the Maragold - at your favourite DV Mark dealer - here.




Multiamp Sound Demo - Fedrico Riva

 Looking for classic and new tones? Needing inspiration? Wondering just how many different sounds you can get out of a modelling head like the Multiamp? Take 5 minutes to check out this great set that Federico has put together - brilliant!

If you already own the Multiamp, Fedrico's custom presets are available for download here. If you don't own a Multiamp, find your nearest DV Mark dealer and check one out here!


First Demo -

Frank Gambale Signature Multiamp


 Click on the video to the left to check out Frank Gambale demoing his new signature DV Mark Multiamp FG. From glassy cleans to monster crunches to funky octaves, the Multiamp FG has it all in one place!

 To try the Multiamp for yourself, contact your nearest DV Mark dealer - here.


Multiamp Walkthrough!

Massimo Colagiovanni not only walks us through the Multiamp but he shows us how to program it - from channel selection through to amps, cabs and effects settings.

This walkthrough shows you how straightforward the Multiamp is to program, and what a great tone it has.


To try the Multiamp for yourself, contact your nearest DV Mark dealer - here.

Kate DeAraugo and DV Mark?



OK - so who looks better in black? - Australian Idol winning Singer/Songwriter Kate DeAraugo or DV Mark's new Little 40 II? Yes, it's a hard call but someone has to make it! Kate needed a cool new amp for her most recent photo shoot and DV Mark came to the rescue.

You have to agree they look good together!



You can check out Kate's latest single "It's True", from the Dinosaur Island soundtrack, on iTunes



You can check out DV Mark's latest Amps - including the Little 40 II at your favourite DV Mark dealer - here.


Check out Greg Howe's Maragold!!!

Finally we have a great walkthrough of Greg Howe's Maragold amp. This amp's voicing has obviously benefitted enormously from Greg's input. This amp oozes tone in a way that's just effortless.
Like what you hear? Check out the DV Mark dealer page here for a store near you!



Luca Mantovanelli Plays and Programmes the Multiamp

 Check out this video. Luca Mantovanelli has put together some of his own sound for the DV Mark Multiamp. You can download them for free here. 
 Like what you hear? Check out the DV Mark dealer page here for a store near you!


Sfogli Modelling His Own Sets

Check out this video. Marco Sfogli has put together some of his own tones for the DV Mark Multiamp. You can snag them here. 
Like what you hear? Check out the DV Mark dealer page here for a store near you!



Sally Cangiano Presents Two Custom Sets of Multiamp Presets 

Check out this video. Sally Cangiano has pulled together two sets of his favourite tones for the DV Mark Multiamp and made them available to the rest of the Multiamp community. You can get them here and here
Like what you hear? Check out the DV Mark dealer page here for a store near you!


Bicio Shares His Multiamp Tones

Bicio Leo (Fabrizio to him mum) has been generous enough to share his favourite Multiamp tones. You can download them here.
Like what you hear? Check out the DV Mark dealer page here for a store near you!




DV Mark Unveils Greg Howe's Signature 'Maragold' Amp at NAMM '14

After a great deal of input from Greg, DV Mark is proud to announce the debut of the signature amp designed to end his search for the ultimate tone source.

In Howe's words: "After 2 years we finally did it! I'm really pumped about my new signature amp called Maragold from DV Mark! All the qualities of my favorite amps put into one. Classic British Amp characteristics fundamentally without the slap in the face - very simple - very organic - very immediate/quick response with very comfortable playability - natural compression felt from the output stage - 40 watts, EL34s - extremely warm and thick, yet very focused at the same time.
I'll stop'll hear it soon enough"

Want to hear more DV Mark? Clickhere to find a dealer near you.




Marco Sfogli and DV Mark rock NAMM 2014


Marco Sfogli visited DV Mark's NAMM booth this year to put their new range of amps to the test. Take a listen to Marco's technique as he rocks his way through some tasty changes.



Like what you hear? Click here to check out DV Mark amps and pedals at a dealer near you.



Uli Brodersen Sneak Peak - DV Mark Little Jazz


Crunchy to blistering distortion isn't necessarily on the menu for all of us. Sometimes it's just about clean tone and dynamics. If you've heard rumblings from NAMM 2014 regarding a certain power packed cube of tone called the Little Jazz, heres your opportunity for a first listen.



Like what you hear? Click here to check out DV Mark amps and pedals at a store near you.



Australian Guitar On the Multiamp -

"The Sound and Response of The Real Thing" 

·         It’s smartly presented (internally too), super-light and has all the ins and outs you’d want
·         It has a marvellous array of amps and effects
·         They’ve chosen a few honest-to-goodness classics (Bassman, black-faced Twin, Mesa Dual Rectifier, JCMs, AC-30TB, their own 666, and more) and the really useable effect units (TS-9, Dist +, CH-5, etc.)
·         With a comprehensive control set, dedicated buttons and plenty of on-screen info, it’s pretty straight forward
·         Multiamp is easy to programme... dialing up 3 or 4 sounds and storing them in the “user” patches took no time at all
·         And the sounds…there’s oodles of them, ranging from good to GREAT
·         Multiamp has some really fine clean sounds with spanky upper-mids or tight, woody lows
·         Almost immediately, you get the feeling that the guitar and amp are working together…hey…just like a REAL amp!!!
·         The crunch and drive tones are wonderfully complex and have the feel you’d expect from the “real thing” – super-responsive, with everything from bone-shaking rumble to scooped metal to fat bar-band honk
·         The effects, too, are complex sounds that all interface perfectly with the amp sounds to present a rich but low-noise whole
·         If you’re worried about those 500 watts, the Multiamp responds full-range even when whisper quiet
·         Multiamp delivers solid and professional representations of the classics
·         The folks at DV Mark have created a really great product, setting a new benchmark for digital-based technology replicating analogue sounds

Want to hear what DV Mark has to offer the modern guitarist? Visit your local DV Mark dealer and give the Multiamp a test run.


Andy James Joins the DV Family


Andy James is one of the world’s top new Metal and Shred guitar stars with amazing technique, phrasing and all round ability.
Andy’s talent has been recognized by guitar stars including John Petrucci, Mark Tremonti and Rusty Cooley, and he’s also played alongside Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan and Vinnie Moore and many more.

A Youtube phenomenon with millions of views, Andy is an online legend famed not only for his incendiary playing, but also his tutorials and DVD’s released with leading companies such as Licklibrary and Jamtrackcentral

Andy has several acclaimed solo releases to his name as well as two successful albums with Sacred Mother Tongue, and is a well-respected metal session guitarist.

We are proud to officially welcome Andy to the DV Mark family!


"The DV Mark MULTIAMP is a one stop tone machine library", says Andy, "It produces every tone i could ever dream of using, and with the ease of use combined with its portability, i can turn up anywhere in the world and have my tone!" 



Want to hear what DV Mark has to offer the modern guitarist? Visit your local DV Mark dealer and give the Multiamp a test run.




Greg Howe, Maragold and DV Mark Rockin It !

Want to hear some real guitar tone? Greg Howe's new band Maragold has just released their debut album and it's dripping with tones you haven't heard captured on CD before.

Greg has lent his chops and astounding tones to the work of some of our planet's greatest artists including Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Lady Antebellum, P Diddy, T-Pain, Nelly, Tim McGraw, Salt-N-Pepa and Justin Timberlake - to name a few. 

The album is self titled, and the first single is Evergreen is Golder  - check it out!

Want to hear what DV Mark has to offer the modern guitarist? Visit your local DV Mark dealer and give one of their amps a test run.


Meshugga's Frederick Thordendal and DV Mark's Multiamp!

Swedish extreme metal band Meshugga, known for their innovative musical style, complex, polymetered song structures and polyrhythms, and labeled as one of the ten most important hard rock and heavy metal bands by Rolling Stone, are also known for their exacting standards when it comes to tone.

It should come as no surprise then, to hear that Meshuggah guitarist Frederick Thordendal  has been spending time with DV Mark's new Multiamp, and has made his own signature preset available to DV Mark owners for download. For more information, click on the picture.

Want to hear what DV Mark has to offer the modern guitarist? Visit your local DV Mark dealer and give one of their amps a test run.


Ryan Huthnance shreds with his Triple 6

Busy local metal guitarist/singer/songwriter Ryan Huthnance  plays through the first Gaped single "Skin Suit" from the upcoming EP "The Murderous Inception"

Want to hear what DV Mark has to offer guitarists looking for an edge? Visit your local DV Mark dealer and give one of their amps a test run.



Marco De Virgiliis, the creative and driving force behind all things Mark, lets us 'sneak behind the magician's curtain' to give us a feel for the technology, the philosophy, and most importantly - the people - behind the amazing products from Markbass, DV Mark, Mark Audio and Mark Drum.

Like what you see? Click on the dealer menu above to find a Mark store near you!




Greg Howe Tells Why He Chose DV Mark's Triple 6 New Release

Check out this video to hear what Greg thinks of DV Mark's 3rd generation all tube head.

What impresses him the most? The fact that, unlike many multi channel heads, this is not an amp with three 'modified' verions  of one channel circuit. The voicing on each of the Triple 6 new release's three channels is distinct and unique, which gives an artist a far more exciting pallet of tones with which to work.

Try a Triple 6 'new release' for yourself at your nearest DV Mark dealer.


The Little 40 - BIG on Tone!

Accomplished Italian guitarist Luca Mantovanelli plays the Little 40 through the C412 standard quad box, with a DV Over Marker on the front end - great tone and very cool technique!


You can find out more about Luca here


Like that tone? Want to hear more? Click here to find your nearest DV Mark dealer and the chance to try out one of these surprising amps for yourself!

 MUSO's Mark Owen reviews the Triple 6
MUSO has reviewed our Triple 6 and it's a winner:
"The amp sounds fantastic, and for a metal/hardcore/hard rock player looking for a versatile amp I think this is a great solution"
Click on the article image to the right to read the complete review.
Like what you've read? Click here to find your nearest DV Mark dealer and take the Triple 6 for a drive down the highway to hell!         
September 2012 - Triple 6 'New Release'          Now Shipping!
The DV Mark team has captured Greg Howe's heart with their third generation valve head - the Triple 6 'new release'. Greg is the guitarist behind artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Lady Antebellum, P Diddy, T-Pain, Nelly and more.
The Triple 6 'new release' combines the best of both the Bad Boy and Triple 6 heads in one amp - offering the same great clean channel plus the option to switch from Bad Boy to Triple 6 voicing on both channels 2 and 3, and midi integration.
For more info on the Triple 6 'new release' click on the image to the right. To try one, find your nearest DV Mark dealer here
September 2012 - DV 403 CPC Now In Stores!
The first shipment of DV 403 CPCs has now landed. Our Little 40 head has been popular for its super clean channel with great headroom, pedal friendly input, light weight, and patented Continuous Power Control that let's you get loud tone at low volume, and now DV Mark has taken the next step by adding switchable rhythm and lead channels. The DV 403 CPC has all the answers!
Click on the image for more specs, or check one out at a DV Mark dealer near you: 
Frank Gambale Combo 112 wins the Guitarist Choice Award

Guitarist magazine has some great things to say about our new combo, here are just a few...

The Clean Channel

"Channel 1 has a beautifully clean tone – big and warm with humbuckers, bright and throaty with single coils"
"We’ve never heard an amp reproduce each individual pickup quite so transparently – this channel simply doesn’t impose its own character on the sound."
"It’s an infectious arrangement, and highlights the quality (or lack thereof) of the pickups in whatever guitar you might be playing."
"Here’s a solid-state clean channel ... reproducing every overtone and nuance that a pickup has to offer without ever sounding dry and clinical"
"Our Telecasters sounded wonderfully woody, while still having plenty of rounded treble."
"The gain can be increased to give it some edge and fur, but the channel remains dynamic and accurate – a kind of hi-fi attitude but still very musical"

The Overdrive Channel

"The overdrive channel is ... four 12AX7s create a complex signal path, providing any level of overdrive, from warm clean to smooth drive"
"With humbuckers, it’s a very smooth drive sound – very modern, very fusion, very Gambale"
"335 or a Les Paul feels right at home in this channel – any top-end bite is readily tempered with the dedicated Presence knob to smooth out the tone even more"
"The mids are very even and loaded with a soft harmonic flavour, and the lows are defined and entirely useful"
"The Strat-style guitar ... with EMG SAs, had a sweet, soft drive with plenty of sustain"
"Our Godin Icon Convertible sounded great in its P-90 mode"
"This drive level is superbly fine-tunable – almost any amount of overdrive is available"

Like what you're reading? Check out the full review in August's Guitarist Magazine, or try one yourself - just click on the image to see a list of DV Mark dealers near you!


Guitarist Greg Howe joins the DV Mark family
June 26, 2012 – California guitar great Greg Howe, known as a virtuoso, solo artist and sideman to such pop stars as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, NSYNC and Enrique Iglesias, is now endorsing the Italian guitar amp brand DV Mark.
Greg’s rig of choice is the Triple 6 (new release) head and the C412 Standard cabinet. He calls the 120W Triple 6 “an extremely versatile amp capable of delivering a variety of killer tones.” He will travel to Italy in July to begin collaborating with Marco De Virgiliis and the DV Mark team on a signature amp to be released next year.
Click on the image to check out Greg playing through his rig and sharing his comments, then visit your nearest DV Mark dealer to check out a rig for yourself!

May 01 2012 - Frank Gambale Signature Series Combos and Cabs are on their way!


“I spent quite a lot of time at the factory located near Pescara, Italy to work with this wonderful boutique company who make a really high quality product to develop the Frank Gambale Signature Amplifier Series by DV Mark. I have always preferred to use solid state power amps (PA amps 1000 watts, 500 a side running at 50% for huge headroom) with tube preamps to get the tube tones both for distortion and EQ. In my opinion, this setup has the best of both worlds. What’s exciting about the new line of amps we’ve developed is that we have taken the same concept into a 1x12 combo and an amp head also, that is, solid state power and tube preamp. As far as I know this has not been done before. The results I have heard are spectacular… so much power and clarity for the clean sounds and so much power and clarity for the distortion sounds.”



It's not often that an artist of Frank Gambale's stature gets truly involved in the design and manufacture of signature series products, and soon you'll be able to try one of these ground-breaking combos for yourself. Click on the image for more details on Frank's combo. To find out where you can try one, click here: DV Mark Dealers


“This new amp features a burly, 150-watt, solid-state power section (that can push out up to 250w RMS when an extension cab is added), with dual clean and tube-driven preamps, Accutronics spring reverb, and a super-efficient neodymium speaker. Designed to deliver loud, ultra-clean tones, the compact amp weighs less than 11.7kg—perfect for gigging jazz and fusion players”

    US Guitar Player magazine welcomes DV Mark to the USA with great review

Arguably the world's most respected magazine for guitarists, Guitar Player this month served up a veritable banquet of reviews on DV Mark amplifiers, garnished with heavy lashings of praise:

Galileo: "...this little powerhouse... Amazing headroom. Warm clean tones.”

DV 40 212: "...a versatile combo that’s suitable for any musical genre."

Bad Boy 120: "...the clean channel has headroom for days...I was able to dial in everything from Texas blues to classic rock crunch to Iron Maiden-level metal."

Click on the image to read the full review, than check out a DV Mark amp for yourself at your nearest DV Mark dealer.


Australian Guitar reviews the Bad Boy 120...


“From Bright and clean through to rough and ready rhythm, all the way to beautifully overdriven lead”

“Very sleek appearance”....“Unashamedly classic rock”

Comprehensive control configuration” ....“Ingenious design features”

“We love this amplifier.”


Click on the image to read the review, then fire one up for yourself at your nearest DV Mark dealer!




Australian Guitar reviews the DV Mark Little 40 L34 and C212 Standard cab...





“This is one feature-packed little amp package that weighs next to nothing and sounds huge, and is equally suited to the bedroom as it is to the stage.”


“Many amps have built-in attenuation, but this is the best I’ve ever heard” (in reference to the Continuous Power Control feature)

“High-gain sounds at bedroom levels” .... “The Little 40 sounds big.”

“Really full and big-sounding clean tones” .... “Great rock and bluesy tones” ..... “A very versatile beast indeed”

“If you are a guitarist who likes power tube style distortion... you are going to love what this amp has to offer.”

Click on the image, then try a Little 40 at your friendly DV Mark dealer



 September 2011 - Australian Musician reviews the Bad Boy 120 head and C412 Standard cabinet.

 Here are some highlights:


"3 amps in one, as each channel has its own identity, yet still maintains some continuity between tones and voicings. There is a lot of versatility here, just about as much as I’ve seen in non-modelling amp."

 "DV Mark has put some great tones in a lightweight, user friendly package with the Bad Boy 120, so if you need versatilliy and power without having to ‘hang out’ with your chiropractor every week, check out this amp."

 "There is just about every feature you could ever need for just about every style, as well as a few interesting features like a high/ low bias (which selects how much juice you suck out of the tubes), effects loop with a loop assign, and a cool 5 button footswitch that can select each channel, add a solo boost, and activate effects."

 Click on the image to read the complete review, then try this killer DV Mark rig at your nearest dealer.


 Frank Gambale and DV Mark

About DV Mark, Frank says: “Finally! An amp that sounds exactly right—and like me, it has Italian roots! Plug in and go… awesome tone without having to search.”

Grammy winning guitar virtuoso Frank Gambale exploded on the L.A. scene in the early 80s. His meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his passion-powered playing–a style Rolling Stone Magazine called “ferocious”!

Gambale is the undisputed genius who propelled sweep picking from a technique to an art form which continues to inspire generations of musicians. Jazz, rock, metal and prog artists alike are united in their awe of Frank as both an amazing technician and an unsurpassed musician.

As jazz legend, Chick Corea, describes Frank: “Everything you touch with your guitar turns gold – always has.” While John McLaughlin’s tongue-in-cheek response to his finesse is “I’d like to cut his hands off.”
A musician’s musician, gifted composer, brilliant innovator and author of numerous instructional books, Frank continues to reach unprecedented sonic and technical heights. His six string prowess and seemingly limitless vision point towards an exciting future of ground breaking music.
Whether Gambale is touring the world with his Fusion Jazz Trio, the Natural High Trio, his new vocal group Soulmine, or joining forces in an iconic jazz super group, Frank continues to amaze audiences around the world.
For more on Frank visit 
Nguyên Lê and DV Mark
Born in Paris of Vietnamese parents, Nguyên Le began to play drums at the age of 15, later taking up guitar and electric bass. After early explorations with a multi-ethnic group called Ultramarine, in 1987 Nguyên was chosen by director Antoine Hervé to play with the ONJ (French National Jazz Orchestra). In this big band, he played with such musicians as Johnny Griffin, Didier Lockwood, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Randy Brecker, Toots Thielemans, Courtney Pine, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gil Evans and Quincy Jones. Nguyên Le's contribution included programming synthesizers, effects and computers, and writing orchestral pieces.
Nguyên was one of the guest guitarists included in the “Universe of Jimi Hendrix” at the Stuttgart Festival, alongside Trilok Gurtu, Terry Bozzio, Cassandra Wilson, Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, David Torn, Victor Bailey and Pharaoh Sanders. And in 2002, he released “Purple”, an album that also celebrated Hendrix. It immediately hit #1 on the charts of UK’s Jazzwise magazine—and to date it is Nguyên’s most successful album, with sales of over 20,500.
Nguyên was unanimously awarded the “Django d'Or” guitar award in 2006.
Nguyên has also performed with John McLaughlin, Michel Petrucianni, Ornette Coleman (“Freedom Statue”), Miroslav Vitous, Kenny Wheeler, Uri Caine, Ralph Towner, Richard Bona, Terri Lyne Carrington, Matt Garrison, John Taylor, Markus Stockhausen, Enrico Rava, Ray Anderson, Dave Douglas, Wolfgang Pushnig, Michel Portal, Geri Allen, Gary Thomas, Maria Schneider, J. F. Jenny Clarke, Aldo Romano, Daniel Humair, Dewey Redman, Andy Emler, Jon Christensen, Nana Vasconcelos, Glenn Ferris, Christof Lauer, Paolo Fresu, Art Lande, Paul McCandless and Jamey Haddad.
"I love DV Mark equipment!” says Nguyên. “Marco de Virgiliis is a smart and great creator of musical equipment, very much attached to listening to what musicians play and say, and very aware of the possibilities of today's technology. That's the best way to get your own perfect sound."



Guitar World and Mitch Colby DV Mark amp range walkthrough

Paul from Guitar World hands the mike over to Mitch Colby who takes us through the whole DV Mark range - including some features you won't be aware of!

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Premier Guitar unveils the DV Mark amp range

Check out Shawn Hammond from Premier Guitar's interview with DV Mark's Mitch Colby at the 2011 Frankfurt Music Show. They cover all our new products and Mitch reveals some of the clever under-the-bonnet technology you'll find in DV Mark's heads and combos.

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Return to Forever IV: Frank Gambale's Killer Solo in Clearwater

Return to Forever IV guitarist and DV Mark endorsee Frank Gambale laid down this killer solo in Clearwater, Florida on Sept 11, 2011.

Chick Corea - keyboards
Stanley Clarke - bass
Lenny White - drummer
Frank Gambale - guitar
Jean-Luc Ponty - violin

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