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Greg Howe's Maragold Amp is Here!
After years in development, DV Mark's signature Greg Howe amp - the Maragold - is finally through final production and on its way down under. Check out the excellent walkthrough of Greg's amp in the video to the right. The Maragold's voicing has obviously benefitted enormously from Greg's input. This amp oozes great tone in a way that's just effortless.
Like what you hear? Catch up with your nearest DV Mark dealer here and hit them up for a demo!


Steve Vai explains why Ernie Ball Cobalts are the Best Strings he's EVER played...


"It's odd to be able to tell such a difference in a set of strings..."


Steve Vai isn't the only respected guitarist who's buzzed about what an incredible improvement in their playing experience can come from the design of a better guitar string. Visit Ernie Ball's You Tube channel to see Slash, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Randy Jackson and others talk about the results of their Cobalt play tests -


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