DV Mark's Kiko Laureiro and Megadeth

Win 2017 Grammy Award for

Best Metal performance!

Click on the video to see Kiko discuss his career and his use of the DV Mark Multiamp modelling amplifier. Find a DV Mark dealer near you by clicking here.






Michael Angelo Batio -

2X Again w/DV Mark Multiamp

Michael Angelo Batio talks about his DV Mark Multiamp and explains the reasons why he picked it between hundreds of amps available on the market.
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 Klotz Cables - Made In Germany!

A Look Behind the Scenes

 All of Klotz' innovative high-quality products are developed in-house – without exception. Far-sighted, future-oriented ideas continuously generate new products that are always one step ahead of today’s requirements.
Check out this behind-the-scenes video to see the care and attention to detail that goes into making every Klotz cable and connector 

From My Mind To Your Stage

This video presents an insight into the processes that take place between the conception of the idea for a Mark World product and that product's eventual delivery into the hands of the musician for whom it was designed. Well worth watching.

You can check out Markbass products at dealers local to you here, and DV Mark products at your local dealers here.

Truer words were never spoken! 



DV Mark Maragold Walkthrough with Greg Howe

Greg Howe discusses and demonstrates the features of his signature DV Mark head - the Maragold, (named after his band). Greg was intimately involved in the development of this amp at all stages, and it shows. He explains the background to the various features on the amp, including, for example, why he designed a gain section into the Maragold's clean channel. Great to hear this not from a salesman, but from someone invested in both designing and playing the amp.

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Multiamp Sound Demo - Federico Riva

 Looking for classic and new tones? Needing inspiration? Wondering just how many different sounds you can get out of a modelling head like the Multiamp? Take 5 minutes to check out this great set that Federico has put together - brilliant!

If you already own the Multiamp, Federico's custom presets are available for download here. If you don't own a Multiamp, find your nearest DV Mark dealer and check one out here!


Multiamp Walkthrough!

Massimo Colagiovanni not only walks us through the Multiamp but he shows us how to program it - from channel selection through to amps, cabs and effects settings.

This walkthrough shows you how straightforward the Multiamp is to program, and what a great tone it has.


To try the Multiamp for yourself, contact your nearest DV Mark dealer - here.