Established in 1991, CMC Music's vision has always been to offer the highest standard of service whilst distributing competitively priced products throughout Australia...
Ernie Ball/Music Man products came on board very soon after CMC's inception and with their involvement in the Van's Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos tours around not only USA, but the world, CMC has steadily grown this line in the Australian market also.
The latest addition to the Music Man family - Sterling by Music Man - was released at the 2009 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. The quality of these amazing instruments is absolutely in keeping with Ernie Ball/Music Man's high expections. A perfect stepping stone to the Music Man range of instruments.
The Italian Rolls-Royce bass line, Markbass, has complimented the Ernie Ball/Music Man products perfectly and have come on board with the Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos Tours around the world.
The Markbass product line is designed specifically to not colour the sound of the bass. Instead, their gear faithfully reproduces the unique tonal character of whatever instrument is being played. All of their products are made in Italy to stringent quality control guidelines, by people who love their work and take pride in what they do. The Markbass line of amps and cabinets has taken its place among the best bass amps available anywhere.
From the same stable comes the DV Mark line of products. DV Mark is committed to designing and manufacturing top-quality guitar amplifiers, cabinets, combos and effect pedals that offer killer tone, extreme reliability, super-light weight, great versatility, cool design and excellent value. DV Mark products are designed with a profound respect for the great history and traditions of the classic guitar amps.
When Bruce Egnater released his incredible range of guitar amps onto the market, CMC Music just couldn't resist. The perfect fit with the high quality stable of products already represented. The Egnater Rebel and Tourmaster ranges have proved to be an expected success. The new Renegade range will appear in Australia around August. Egnater Amps are one of the most exciting companies to deal with - their ideas are neverending.
Another recent addition to CMC Music's stable of products is the English 'institution' ... HIWATT AMPLIFICATION. Boutique Quality, Point to point wiring, Military Style Construction and the tone that set the stage for the next new generation of music.
Hiwatt, kicked off in the late 1960s under the guidance of former Sound City guru Dave Reeves, gave Marshall a run for their money. With artists such as The Who, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and Jethro Tull the brand was at the forefront of guitar amplification for the remainder of the 1960s and much of the 1970s. Dave Reeves’ untimely death and severe licensing problems threw the trade mark into the doldrums for much of the next two decades. Hiwatt’s second coming arrived once new trademark owner Richard Harrison took control pursuing an aggressive marketing policy during the present century. This has been proven with new artists such as Coldplay, The Killers, The Enemy and Arctic Monkeys embracing the truly unmistakable Hiwatt sound. In short Hiwatt is back amongst the top five amplification companies in the world.
Lakewood Guitars are our newest addition - coming on board after the 2010 Frankfurt Messe. Their motto 'The Sound of Magic' truly is an understatement. These hand-made, German manufactured acoustic guitars are truly the work of a genius, and that genius is Martin Seeliger, the owner and luthier.
What is the Sound of Magic? It's when the song you are playing seems to play itself. It's when you pick up a guitar and from the moment you play it you become inspired, and new ideas flow freely with every strum. It's when your guitar becomes the vehicle of your inspiration, and an extension of your soul. It's that elusive element that is the difference between a mass produced, machine-made guitar, and a hand-made instrument that takes on the soul of its creator, and eventually its owner.
2013 saw the addition of Klotz cables to the CMC Family.  We were thrilled to begin distributing Klotz cables to every good music store around the country.  The incredible German engineering and quality, coupled with strong endorsees such as Joe Bonamassa, TM Stevens, as well as our very own Mark Lizotte makes Klotz the perfect addition.
A lot of thought has gone into the lines distributed by CMC Music. As you can see, ALL products complement each other. There's no question that every single product line is of the utmost quality, which makes our jobs at CMC so much easier - to give you the highest level of product support, coupled with unique marketing initiatives.