Burgerman's Clean sound? A Custom 50

Brett 'Burgerman' Kingman has a healthy community following for his You Tube review channel that focuses on all things guitar.

BUT - what does he use when he needs the ultimate clean tone to demo a new instrument or effect?

That's right - his trusty Hiwatt custom 50 combo. Gobs of headroom, crystal clear ocean deep cleans and tone for days. Check out this review which features MC Systems BSL Hybrid Chorus through the Custom 50. Good enough to eat.

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Hiwatt - Suits Davis Music to a 'T'

Tony Ughetti at Davis Music in Frankston has always been a sucker for tone, so it's no wonder that he's enjoying the Hiwatt Tube Series amps he stacked into the store recently.

If you're into the cleanest of cleans and great tube drive tones, check out the Hiwatt at Davis Music for yourself - just click on the pic for their website. If you're not a native of Frankston, just click here to find a Hiwatt dealer close to you.

In The Zone in Tone with Hiwatt

 Thanks to Darryl at In The Zone, Corrimal now has a lot more going for it than great beaches and clean air! Darryl has doubled the size of his store and armed himself with a hefty range of our unbeatable Hiwatt amps.

Ever wondered why so many guitarists and bass players talk about 'the Hiwatt sound' in such hushed and reverent tones? Wonder no more! If you're anywhere near In The Zone, you can drop in and find out for yourself.
Click on the pic to check out ITZ's website, or drop in and crank up a Hiwatt - you'll be blown away!

HIWATT on Show at Somerset Music's New Digs



 If you're looking for a taste of the legendary tone that is 'The Hiwatt', look no further than Somerset Music's new store at Smeaton Grange - a stone's throw from their old Narellan location. Dean and the lads have been working hard to pull together a truly impressive range of some of the nicest tube and solid state gear you're every likely to play through.




Click on the pic to check out their website, or just drop into the store and play!



Up Close Review of the Custom SA212 Combo

Every amp brand pretends to be capable of recreating the 'classic' tones of 'legendary' amps - but in the end, the original IS the original.

Listen to Brett Kingman running through a range of guitar and amp configurations as he takes the SA212 through it's paces.

If you're liking what you hear, then it's time to drop in to your friendly local Hiwatt dealer - find him here.




Gwyn Ashton slides on into the G50CMR

UK Bluesmeister Gwyn Ashton dropped into the Doncaster Factory and took a few of our solid state amps for a spin.

In this video Gwyn plays the G50CMR in both clean and smoky overdrive modes.

If you're liking what you hear, then it's time to drop in to your friendly local Hiwatt dealer - find him here.




The Killers on Colbert

One of our favourite shows, The Colbert Report, featured the Killers recently. Nice to see that dual Hiwatt rig front and centre!

Want to find out what the legends are made of? You can locate your nearest Hiwatt dealer here, or click on the image to see more of The Killers most recent gigs.


Noel Gallagher and his new Hiwatt rig front Q Magazine - HIS way


The cover of the most recent issue of UK based Q magazine sports Noel Gallagher and his custom Hiwatt Combo.

'nuff said


Haven't been given your chance to grace the cover of a creditable rock mag recently? Perhaps it's time you visited your friendly Hiwatt dealer and got kitted out  with the right gear in preparation for that phone call....Click on Noel's amps to find out where.


First look at Guy Berriman's new Hiwatt rig for Coldplay's 2012 tour

Coldplay aren't Hiwatt endorsees, but Guy knows what he has to have to cope with the band's gruelling tour schedule - and that's Hiwatt. The shots you see here are fresh from Hiwatt's Doncaster factory and show Guy's 200w hand wired tube head atop his 4x12 Fane loaded cab.

Like what you see? Got pinned to the wall at the Coldplay gig and want to do the same to your audience? Visit your local Hiwatt dealer and see what they can do for you!


Cold Chisel Light the Nitro with Hiwatt around Australia in 2011

Ian Moss is on the road with Chisel and Hiwatt. Mossy is running a powerful rig consisting of a Hiwatt DR103 Custom 100w head, 2 Hiwatt Custom Studio Stage heads, and 3 Hiwatt Fane equipped quad boxes.

Catch the band at one of their Australian gigs over the next few months, hear why Australia's premier rock guitarist chose Hiwatt Amplification for his sound and check out the new Hiwatt rigs at a store near you.


Noel Gallagher




Hiwatt was contacted recently to supply Noel Gallagher with a custom 50 head and custom 4x12 fane loaded cabinet.




Click on the image for more info about Noel



Ian Moss and Cold Chisel's 'Light the Nitro' tour is underway, and their first recent release, with all the heart and soul of Chisel's best, shows that they are still Australia's premier rock band. Listen to 'All For You', then catch  Mossy and his Hiwatt rig live at a venue near you.



Musik Messe Previews including New Custom Amp!

At Musik Messe 2012, Hiwatt showed off the killer new T series tube heads and combos, alongside their Tube series pedals and the latest acquisition of a certain popular ex-Nirvana non-endorsing Hiwatt lover. Yes that's his amp folks - we got to play with it before he did!

If you're liking what you're hearing, you should be dropping in to your friendly local Hiwatt dealer - find him here.