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Listen as Joe Dart from funk band, Vulfpeck, demos our Caprice bass.

The Caprice, another welcome newcomer to the Modern Classic family of instruments is a bold new statement in passive design. A workhorse bass that is capable of blending two distinct pickup voicings offering a variety of tones suitable for any musical environment. This compact offset design provides a body shape that is comfortable and balanced along with a slim neck profile that makes this bass a pleasure to play. The top-loading bridge is made from hardened steel and complemented by a newly designed oversized headstock with the familiar 3+1 tuner arrangement. As with the Cutlass, the Caprice is a sleek modern bass with vintage features that stays true to its Music Man heritage.
Classic StingRay
Listen as Joe Dart from funk band, Vulfpeck, demos our Classic StingRay 4 bass.

The Classic Stingray pays tribute to the original Music Man designs from the mid to late 1970's with added modern refinements. A string through body bridge, mute kit, small profile nickel frets and a curvy 7.5" radius neck are key specifications that harken back to the early days of Music Man production. A modern six bolt neck attachment and an easy access truss rod adjustment wheel ensure solid construction with no hassle adjustments. The classic tone remains true to the original with an ash body, 2 band EQ and a standard Music Man Alnico pickup.
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