What’s the smallest, most powerful bass amp in the world?
The Mark Studio 1!
This exciting software gives you three Markbass heads, six Markbass cabinets, six microphones and a tube compressor…and it’s small enough to fit on a CD!
The Mark Studio 1 plugin is not just for bassists, but also for sound engineers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, keyboardists, guitar players... anyone who appreciates great bass tone!

Both OSX and Windows versions are offered, in RTAS/AU/VST formats. 

  Studio 1 Amp Modelling System    
   Setting up Mics to model the Standard 106HF Cabinet   Modelling round table in the control room  
   Classic 300 and STD 104HR Rig  in Studio 1  
     TA 501 and STD 106HF Rig in Studio 1  
     R500 and STD 152 Rig in Studio 1